Fresh Reasons for Urgent Clean- Up of Ogoni and Conduct of immediate health audit on Citizens: A Release by Ogoni Solidarity Forum-Nigeria

While the Ogoni are still struggling to understand reasons for non implementation of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Report over four years after its release, more polluted  sites not yet visited by Civil Society Organisations and environmental right activists, have been discovered in Ogoni. On his first visit to one of such community (B-Dere, abandoned original home) in Gokana Local Government Area, Celestine AkpoBari, the National Coordinator of Ogoni Solidarity Forum (OSF) opined that he was shocked and disturbed that there were still unknown  polluted sites in Ogoni than he  imagined.  Ironically, the regular trade mark from HYPREP was already there before his arrival.

HYPREP Prohibition Sign Post at the abandoned community water front

The big question is, why would HYPREP and other State Agencies know all polluted sites in Ogoni and do nothing to hasten clean up and restoration of the environment.

Apart from an offensive smell of hydro carbon in the air and  visible pollution of the entire water body in the area, what look like a former massive mangrove forest is fast been transformed into a desert.

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